The Delicate but Impressive Eco Balance of my Garden

Yesterday I returned home to find Charlie – my neighbour’s gorgeous cat – sloping out from the undergrowth in our garden, his stomach sucking in and out like a bellows. He managed to manoeuvre himself onto the path before he opened his mouth –  to lock jaw proportions – and with that strangulated ‘caah’ sound that cats make  just prior to being sick, promptly deposited an impressive pile of vomit beneath the honeysuckle arch – welcome home Maria – thanks Charlie.

Racing around trying to get my Dad fed, watered and to the ferry on time, I made a mental note to wash away Charlie’s ‘gift’  upon my return. Inevitably I forgot. Laurie informed me this morning that he actually went out to clean up after Charlie late last night only to find two enormous orange slugs, skidding around in it and feasting upon it merrily. Yep, slightly stomach churning but you have to admire nature’s resourcefulness.

This morning the path beneath the honeysuckle arch was scrupulously clean. Tonight, a slug was sat wistfully on the spot beneath the arch, the memory of his recent banquet still bright.


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