Gok for Prime Minister!

Ok! I admit it! I have Gok Wan fever!! No, not something to rival swine flu, just a love of that wonderful man on Channel Four’s How to Look Good Naked. Yes, I know it’s just mainstream telly and formulaic and blah de blah but I end up sobbing into a tissue with happiness at the close of each programme. The reason being is that the women he works with/on genuinely seem to have benefited from his attention – they start off feeling awful about themselves and end up, well, glowing; the kind of glow that is not produced by lighting and makeup but something much more profound. I want to build an annex on my house so Gok can come live with me for ever and ever!

For those who have never witnessed Gok in action, he is a fashion stylist who does seem to know what suits and flatters each particular body type. This in itself would never be enough for me (never been that interested in fashion); what I find so moving is that he seems to have a genuine desire to make people love their naked bodies, to appreciate and see their own unique beauty. His has a real knack for making women feel good it seems and I think this comes from his own struggle with weight issues as a teenager. He appears to understand what it means to loathe your own body and so is sensitive to what it takes to heal that in others.

Last night’s programmes had a 72 year old widow who had lost all confidence in her body since her husband died. The thing is, ultimately, it’s not the clothes, makeup etc…that makes the difference –although these are really useful tools –  it is the constant encouragement of someone telling you how beautiful your body is, regardless of age or shape, that works the real magic, so much so, these women end up feeling confident enough to get naked. Once again I was blowing my nose, watching a 72 year old lady walking down a catwalk in some lovely, sexy undies, glowing with joy and confidence, looking beautiful and loving the attention she was being given. Format aside, self-love is a powerful healer and can fill each of us with a light and energy that in itself is beautiful.


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