Spring Goddess

This lovely photo was taken by Laura Cronk and is entitled Divine Feminine. This beautiful statue is performing a wonderful Yoga twist! The Yoga writer and teacher Christina Brown says of twists that they offer ‘a great opportunity to turn and see things from a different angle’.  Viewing things from a fresh perspective can re-energize us and –  just like those vitality boosting yoga twists – can help us to develop our flexibility and free us from rigid patterns of being. When our emotions, thoughts and bodies stiffen there is an increased discomfort felt throughout our whole systems; releasing the tension of mind, emotion and body can bring a wonderful surge of energy and optimism. It’s a good place to be, like getting a hit of Spring at any point in the year and there is nothing quite like seeing things from a completely new angle to help this process along. I am feeling so much better. This morning in bed I got that fizzy, excited feeling that this time of year can bring.

After such a long and testing winter, to feel the reality of re-emergence all around me is joyful. I am still having to take more Utovlan than I would like, my body is obviously not as it might be but increasingly this doesn’t seem to be bothering me as much. After wrestling and fighting against where I found myself, I seem to have come to a place of greater acceptance; this in itself is helping me to see things differently. My whole being has been doing its own twisting – there is a 360% world out there but we often only grasp a tiny piece of it; it’s amazing how seeing only a little more can bring such powerful change.


  1. trish said,

    May 4, 2010 at 5:50 pm

    this is so lovely, how refreshing I would find it to see things from a new perspective…found a diary and i am saying exactly the same things as I was at 51..I’m so trying to break this entrenched pattern, I will be doing this twist every morning for a while. I hope the removal is a big success. Thinking of you…brrr its turned so cold again. I love your quote about love and the sun shining..it is so apt.
    Love Trish xxxx

  2. luckyloom1 said,

    May 4, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    Removal was a breeze (the man is a master – very quick and painless). Don’t know whether it’s hysteria but I feel so much better already. Have Utovalan to fall back on if things turn ugly but feel so much lighter. Fingers crossed it continues. I do know what you mean about that diary thing; I have done the same thing myself and felt that same frustration that I am still here going around the same old stuff. However, it’s important to acknowledge the stuff you have changed – to not forget how far you have come – and to have some patience and comp[assion for the things that you struggle with. Just keeping backing yourself mysweet -the longed for chnages will come because you will allow them to come in time. M XXXXX

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