Turning Back the Tide

Watched a video of myself at age 22 this week. Such a weird sensation. Despite making me feel incredibly decrepit and past my prime, I felt a sense of compassion for the person that I was. It’s a cliché to say if only I knew then what I know now… well hey, it’s not a cliché for nothing! I just wish I had been more confident and believed in myself a little more, enjoyed who I was. No doubt I will be here at sixty saying the same thing about my forty-four year old self; I sometimes wonder whether I have actually learnt anything, turning round and round in my own little tight circle of life. Growing old is a wonder and a mystery and the changes come whether we honour them or not. Poor old Canute – the tide comes in and washes clean away every single print left in the sand.

'Queen Canute' - my very own beach lounger - Luccombe Bay


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