Loss of an Old Soul

The photos here are of an enormous oak tree that I discovered in a field near to Quarr Abbey in the north of the Island.  This wonderful old tree – truly the biggest oak I have ever seen, it’s branches as big as any large tree trunk – is sadly no more, falling victim to some ferocious winter south westerlies.

I felt a tug of anguish in my tummy seeing it felled, its lower trunk and roots still secure in the ground, its massive girth snapping around a vulnerable slit in its side; a hole that was once big enough for a small adult to slip inside is now cruelly exposed to the sky and elements, a shattered splinter being the only remains still standing.

This wonderful tree has been a focus for many of my meditations and so, in some small way, will live on in my inner life. But I am struck by what an enormous, gaping hole the loss of a tree makes when it is suddenly gone.  


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