The Blessings of the Maiden Within

Sunrise Ruby - Mara Berendt Friedman

At this time of Imbolc when the Goddess is transformed into her Maiden self, it can be helpful to acknowledge, honour and bless the Maiden within. No matter what our age, we can still feel her youthful innocence, energy and optimism moving in our beings. She is that eternal, ageless core that brings courage and freedom.

If we look back over our lives, we will see that our Maiden selves have ventured boldly into the world to explore many times. Young and inexperienced, she can be fragile; there will have been many occasions in the past when we could not know or see the dangers or hurt that would befall her, and many times we will have felt the pain that experience can bring. But the Maiden reminds us that we always have the power to begin again – renewed, untouched – and that despite the troubles that life may bring us, the source of our joy and playfulness is always there to connect to once more. Our Maiden self is the spark at the centre of the Source; the spark at the centre of our Goddess selves.

Like the gentle power of a new moon, the Maiden can help us to heal all the hurt and trauma of the past; sooth each scar; dissolve each knot of distrust; replace the fear with an openness and love of life. Through her there is always the opportunity to reconnect with our joy and spontaneity, even when the darkest of times have gripped us; even when we thought that we might never feel hope again.

I am Maiden

I am Bridie

I am joy and ecstasy

I am the dance of life

I am a new beginning

I am the bright spark

I am the precious pearl of light

I am play and laughter

I am curiosity and discovery

I am love of life and self

I am the quest for dreams fulfilled

I am the seed breaking open

I am blessed, beautiful and unique

I am.

Love, honour, and embrace your Maiden self with compassionate acceptance, as you would a much loved daughter; as the world slowly awakens, make a space for her playfulness and joy.

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