On The Bright Side

Sunrise and sunset – those liminal points when we anticipate that shift from day to night and night to day – can so often compel us to just stop and absorb; a rare and startlingly clear freeze frame amongst the blur of hours and its distractions. I am sadly more familiar with sunsets than rises, although when I do make it out of bed in time, there is nothing quite like that fresh linen buzz of a new day, the world white-washed and the light sharp and clean.

Sunset has a different feel, a last hoorah before the darkness edges in and inks outs the boundaries. It can feel bittersweet because its beauty is transient; it says to us, ‘make the most of this moment, let it be all and everything’, for in the second it takes for a star to come out once the sun sinks, it will be a memory amongst many.

Yesterday’s sunset was spectacular. Sat by the ocean on the balcony of a restaurant with a dearly loved friend, we watched as the sky became a fever, vivid and startling. Everyone stopped, took photos, commented and just for that brief period, life slipped into that magical otherworldly space when the ordinary becomes extraordinary and we are thankful to be here, living, breathing and feeling, regardless of the good and bad we might be experiencing in our wider life

The Isle of Wight lay across the water almost entirely obscured by sea mist and the crescent moon lowered itself, brightening as the sun slipped below the horizon. As we laughed, chatted and felt ourselves enfolded by the comfort of being with someone you love and know – the ships passed and the stars sparked into life and the moon –huge and red in its descent – sunk into the darkened mass of the island. A perfect moment that transience and the passing of time might take but never destroy.

I have been on the receiving end of some nastiness of late; some unnecessary emotional bullying played out in the notoriously tricky and distorted world of cyber space. I have real sympathy for the pain this person is going through, although I have been horribly misrepresented by them and bombarded by some abusive and obsessive diatribes. I can only feel that this is draining and pointless for both of us. I have stopped reading their words, deleting them the moment they pop into my inbox. Despite everything, anger and spite are transient too, they pass into the future and life goes on because it is its nature to do so…Sunset, Sunrise…

A supportive friend very sweetly passed on this great little video by Never Shout Never…it says it all:



  1. Penny said,

    September 3, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    Sorry to hear that Maria. There must be somrthing out “there” cos its happened to me too. The internet is a wonderful thing but it also enables you to be found by those you thought had been left behind long ago. The sunsets have been stunning here too of late (and the sunrises-the only bonus of not sleeping for the past week!) Take care.

  2. luckyloom1 said,

    September 3, 2011 at 6:53 pm

    Thank you Penny. xxx I am so sorry that you have had a similar thing going on. I do hope you are alright. Yes, the internet can bring a wonderful sense of connection but it also is a rather abstract place, one where people’s boundaries can dissolve and where perspective and reality can get lost. I am in the situation at present where whatever I post on my Blog, this person interprets it as being about the events going on in their life; painful events that they mistakenly believe I am responsible for. In obsessively reading backposts and attaching meanings that are just not there, this person is driving themselves crazy and becoming increasingly unpleasant and bullying towards me in the process. It’s a no win situation all round. I hope that this person – a stranger I have never met – can find some peace and resolution; it all feels a bit undignified at the moment and rather sad. I guess we are all different and cope with pain in different ways.

    Do take care of yourself Penny. I hope everything sorts itself out peacefully for you. XXX

  3. Christine Croft said,

    September 5, 2011 at 8:51 am

    Like this very much. Sorry to hear about your aggro. People often need a ‘scapegoat’, someone to blame for everything wrong in their lives. Sorry you are on the receiving end. Much love x

  4. luckyloom1 said,

    September 11, 2011 at 10:07 pm

    Many thanks Chris! This person is going through a lot, so I can understand the response. I think what is happening is not nice for either of us and I hope that things can resolve themselves in a peaceful way.

    Hope you are well lovely one! Would be great to see you soon! Sending lots of love, M xxx

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